Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers understand the nuances of architecture, engineering and construction, so that your end vision and goals are achieved.

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Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

Joe Mosco with her Technical Partner can provide all elements necessary to assess Plant and pipeline integrity, identify risk, develop plans for integrity management and maintain the integrity management program over time.

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Procurement & Supply Chain Management

PPESL is a major supplier of a range of oil field equipment and materials. The company has established strong relationships with a huge array of original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as technical support partners.

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Joe Mosco has an obligation of performing its business with less risk of accident, this obligation is in tune with international standards

In fulfilling its obligation to comply with international and local safety laws, and its Civil responsibility to provide a place of employment permeated with safety, health and welfare of works. Joe Mosco regards the safety of its employees as a very important area of the company’s operations.

We are team of the professionals who will build everything for you

We offer a range of high quality professional services to meet the ever-increasing demands within the oil & gas industry. The result is a seamless service and on-time delivery across facets of the industry.

Our basic business is the safe provision of engineering services to clients and customers; We adhere to self-imposed and international standards of ethics and performance, working to minimize any negative impact on all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders and the environment.

Joe Mosco
Joe Mosco Engineering Company

About Joe Mosco Engineering

Joe Mosco Engineering services deliver first class engineering services to our client using highly motivated staff and top of the range quality materials. Ensure our contribution to develop local capability and organizational structure, enterprise assets management services in the oil and Gas, Manufacturing and utility Industries. Joe Mosco undertake value added construction works and services to meet the specific needs of our clients at desirable effective cost using durable and good quality material input and deliver same promptly. ,


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We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress.

After better understanding your requirements, our team of engineers with a lot of experience will present you with the possible solution for your needs

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