About US

Joe Mosco engineering limited deliver first class construction works, building and sales of properties to our client using highly motivated staff and top of the range quality materials. Ensure our contribution to develop local capability and organizational structure, enterprise assets management services in the Oil and Gat exploration, Manufacturing and utility Industries.
Joe Mosco undertake value added construction works and services to meet the specific needs of our clients at desirable effective cost using durable and good quality material input and deliver same promptly. We supply Steel Pipes and Fittings, Steel Plates and Grating, Electrical/Mechanical materials, Civil and building materials, Agro and Allied Chemicals, Safety Wares and Equipment, Allied Industrial Materials, Cathodic Protection Materials, Printing materials, stationeries and office equipment, Labour/Manpower supply, Vehicle / Equipment / Meters Leasing.

Joe Mosco has grown progressively in various fields of engineering and has the capacity to execute large and complex engineering projects. Our basic business is the safe provision of engineering services to clients and customers; we adhere to self-imposed and international standards of ethics and performance, working to minimize any negative impact on all of our stakeholders employees, customers, shareholders and the environment. Our employees are well aware of our basic values. Many of our services are known for their quality, safety and long-term reliability with our guiding principles aimed at achieving economic growth and financial performance.